Auto Pipette Calibration

We have been checking & calibrating auto pipettes and thermometers for over 25 years.

Although we are not now IANZ accredited, some accredited labs do send us calibration work for intermediate testing, this helps keep their costs down.

Auto pipette calibration.

Checking the accuracy of air operated pipettes over a range of volumes from 1µl to 10mL and providing a report using a 5 place balance. You can also request we use our 6 place Ultra Micro balance for volumes below 1µl.

The major advantage using the Ultra Micro balance is, we are able to compensate not only the temperature of the water but any evident evaporation, this system gives you far more accurate results for micro volumes from 0.1µl upwards, however these calibrations are a little more expensive, for obvious reasons.

We can provide many different spreadsheet formats for your results, with up to 6 volumes per pipette, taking 5 or 10 aliquots at each volume requested. We can provide “Before” and “After” results also, if required. Please inform us if you think your pipette may be faulty as repair options are not always available.

Please email us for further information, also we can send you a decontamination request form. or call 021 610 611.

Important Information.

If accuracy of volume delivery is important to you, then don’t get your pipette calibrated with a plain tip and then use a barrier tip and expect it to deliver the same volumes! Barrier tips by nature can significantly reduce the flow of air during aspiration when taking an aliquot compared to an open ended plain tip, this reduced flow causes a reduction in delivery volume, which may not be a linear percentage error across all volume settings either.

In plain terms using a Barrier tip can cause a pipette to have a large negative accuracy error at one end of its scale and a large positive error at the other end. The good news is that in most cases we are able to adjust and balance the calibration of your pipette to suit your barrier tip.

We specialise in calibrating ie adjusting pipettes to your requirements, single channel, Multi-channel, manual and electronic (note, some electronic are not adjustable).

Single channel pipette checking costs vary from $65 to $120 + freight & GST.
Multi ie 8 channel checking costs vary from $130 to $200 + freight & GST.
Multi ie 12 channel checking costs vary from $160 to $260 + freight & GST.

The above costs include minor adjustments needed to correct an inaccurate pipette.

We can also do a more cost effective check on Multi channel pipettes, this involves firstly testing that all channels are working and then doing a full check on just 3 channels. Costs range from $75 - $125 + freight & GST.

Working Thermometers

We can also check your working thermometers and provide a “Traceable” report as to their accuracy at temperatures ranging from -30C to 120C.